MCC Students Advance to the National SkillsUSA Competition


Metropolitan Community College students earned a spot in the National Skills USA Leadership & Skills contest that will take place this summer. Twelve MCC students competed in the Missouri SkillsUSA Leadership & Skills contest. Collectively, the students earned 17 medals and five students qualified for nationals. Students competed first at the local and district levels to earn their eligibility to compete in the state contests. 

Below are a list of the MCC awards:  

Automotive Service Technical Information (written contest)

Gold:   Noah Jurgensmeyer (MCC-LV)

Silver:  Jonathan Robertson (MCC-LV)

Bronze: Joe Fisher (MCC-LV)


Automotive Service Technology (skill contest): 

Gold and qualifying for nationals:   Jonathan Robertson (MCC-LV)

Silver:  Noah Jurgensmeyer (MCC-LV)

Bronze:  Joe Fisher (MCC-LV)


Extemporaneous Speaking (leadership contest): 

Gold and qualifying for nationals:  Jonathan Zamora  (MCC-BT)


HVAC (skill contest): 

Silver:  John “David” Beebee (MCC-BT)


HVAC Technical Information (written contest): 

Bronze:  John “David” Beebee (MCC-BT)


Industrial Motor Control (skill contest): 

Bronze:  Jack Browning (early college high school student)  (MCC-BT)


Industrial Motor Control Technical Information (written contest): 

Silver:  Jack Browning (MCC-BT)


Internetworking (skill contest): 

Gold and qualifying for nationals:  Jonathan Zamora (MCC-BT)


Job Skill Demo Open (leadership contest): 

Gold and qualifying for nationals:  Quinn Kielty (MCC-LV)


Prepared Speech (leadership contest): 

Gold and qualifying for nationals:  Jessica Munoz (MCC-BT)


Professional Development Technical Information (written contest): 

Gold:  Tessa Brosam


Related Technical Math (occupationally related contest): 

Gold and qualifying for nationals:  Henry “Ben” Earley (MCC-BT)


Technical Computer Applications (skill contest): 

Silver:  Tessa Brosam (MCC-BT)


Kate Ellis, Bryan Compton & Alex Hamilton are the MCC SkillsUSA advisors. They reported strong competition from across the state including:  State Technical College of Missouri, State Fair Technical College, Rolla Technical Institute, East Central College, Ranken Technical College, and Jefferson College just to name a few. The advisors said they were proud of the team and each student who participated represented MCC well.  The team says they are looking forward to nationals in Lousiville, KY come June!

Visit to learn more about SkillsUSA and how this professional student organization builds confidence, communication skills, citizenship and superior work place skills while emphasizing life-long education and involvement in community service.