Video: Instructors use technology to help a little girl

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Video: Natasha and Scott are thrilled to see their four year old little girl playing.

“We were wanting to do an adoption and we have always both been drawn to China. I thought she was adorable. When we saw her for the first time, I already knew that  she was who supposed to join our family,” said Natasha.

So two years ago, Meili officially joined their family.

“Ever since she has been here it has been wonderful and i think a  good growth opportunity for our family. I have a 14 year old son and I think it has been good for him to have a sibling,” explained her husband Scott.

Natasha shared what she knew about her time in China, “I  am not really sure about her story other than  they found her when she was 2 months old. They found her abandoned basically in the bathroom of a chemical plant. She already had burns on her fingers, but that’s about all we know. Sometimes she gets sad that she doesn’t have fingers on her hand.”

They wanted to find something that made picking up a ball a little easier, so Natasha started researching.

“We were wanting to do this for her, but we are not by any means really rich people we can’t afford a bionic hand. On mothers’ Day 2013, I was googling online prosthetic hands to see how much they cost and I ran into this new 3-D printed hand. One of the places that popped up was that was local was MCC and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to see if they could help,” said MCC.

She contacted the 3-D prototype lab located on MCC’s Business & Technology campus.

“This is a place where we can quickly manufacture things and test them for fit, function and form.”

So they scanned her hand and created 3-D image of her hand. And that started the whole process. Doctors at Creighton University in Omaha, designed and created a prosthetic hand.

“She kissed it the day she got it. It’s is wonderful just watching her light up Everyone here has been wonderful, just very empathetic, very caring and willing to help.

The journey’s not over yet.  They are going to tweak it a little bit more and work on making the fingers a little smaller and further custom fit it to her hand specifically.

“Thank you. Thank you for Meili and for our family,” said Natasha.

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