MCC- Blue River honors community children

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MCC-Blue River hosted an event, All for the Children, Saturday, March 21. The annual event began in 2011 as a response to the increase in child violence that continues to occur in the region. MCC-Blue River now partners with Little Blue Elementary producing a shift in the focus of the event: the celebration of childhood. Each year, MCC-Blue River students plan, coordinate, and man all of the activities for children, which focus on child abuse awareness in positive and entertaining ways. More than 50 free activities were available for children, including art, information, Anna and Elsa from Frozen, theater students and an Easter egg hunt with more than 10,000 eggs!

All for the Children is a campus-wide effort involving different educational backgrounds all addressing the same issue, but from the perspective of their discipline. The Public Safety Institute and local law enforcement agencies are involved in teaching self-defense classes and providing helpful tips and activities for children and parents. The faculty and staff at Little Blue Elementary have their students provide art projects, musical performances and also assist MCC-Blue River students prepare for the event. While children are learning, parents are able to receive information from over 25 community agencies regarding child related issues. In 2014, All for the Children, offered free dental exams to children, health screenings, vitamins, breast pumps, first-aid kits, haircuts, and family photos. With every year we gain more community agencies that support our efforts and ask to be involved in our planning committee. This year will add to our coordinating and planning committee, LINC, CAPA and the Kansas City Child Abuse Roundtable and Discussion Group.



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Article from The Examiner

Examiner article, "All for the Children"