MCCA Rally Day 2015

Missouri Community College Association (MCCA) Rally Day 2015 was successful for the Metropolitan Community College students. Thirty-five students from campuses across the College were able to attend and discuss important matters, including A+ funding with their state legislators.  KCTV5’s Bonyen Lee followed the story which aired February 25.

Students were able to speak to Senator Ryan Silvey, Senator Kiki Curls, Senator Will Kraus, Representative Sheila Solon, Representative Noel Shull, Representative Rebecca Roeber, Representative Randy D. Dunn and Representative Lauren Arthur.

Students said they enjoyed meeting with legislators as they talked about the value and importance of community college.


MCC Students at MCCA Rally Day
MCC Students at MCCA Rally Day
With Senator Ryan Silvey
Students, Nick and Margarita, with Ryan Silvey
Students at the Rally kickoff


Ryan Silvey
With Senator Ryan Silvey
Students with Representative Rebecca Roeber


Rob Dixon
Rob Dixon, MCCA
MCC Students with KiKi Curls
MCC Students with Senator KiKi Curls