From Managing Restaurants to Academic Advising thanks to MCC

Bill Jester2

In 2009 when William “Bill” Jester stepped onto the campus of Metropolitan Community College-Blue River his purpose was to get a better education so that he could make a career change. Jester wanted to leave his restaurant management career and find a career that would allow him more time to spend with his family.  After some serious prodding from his wife Lori, Bill decided to try college. Because he lived in Independence, the Blue Springs High graduate chose MCC-Blue River. 

After some thoughtful consideration, he decided he wanted to major in education. Jester states, “In my position in restaurant management, I was always in the position of being disciplinarian to badger the staff, always showing a stern exterior.  I wanted an area that would allow me to be gentle and to help others. I believed that education would do that for me. In 2011, I transferred to University of Central Missouri to pursue a B.A. in education. I received my B.A. in Education in May 2013.”

He returned to MCC-Blue River in a part-time position in the counseling center.  While working there, a full-time position as a student services specialist opened;  he applied and was hired in 2012.  He now serves as an Academic Advisor for MCC-Blue River.

Jester explains, “I am the first person in my family to graduate from college with a Bachelor’s Degree. My family is so proud of me.  Obtaining a college degree has changed the way my family views education. My three sons now proudly boast of the universities that they are going to attend and they have already created education goals for themselves. The education climate of my household has changed.” Bill’s purpose of a better education has been fulfilled and he currently is a student at Northwest Missouri State University pursing a Master of Arts in Higher Education Leadership.

Written by Ty Murrell