Two MCC Students Received a Presidential Surprise

Picture from Black Achievers/SCLC scholarship ceremony
Picture from Black Achievers/SCLC scholarship ceremony

Two students were invited by the White House to hear President Barack Obama speak in Lawrence on Thursday, Jan. 22 at the University of Kansas’ Anschutz Sports Pavilion. The MCC students were invited to hear more about the President’s discussion regarding the importance of community college and his plans to make higher education more affordable and accessible.

The MCC students who attended the President’s speech were Jeremiah Holmes and Kehara Morris. Both attend MCC- Penn Valley and will graduate in May of 2015. Holmes is studying computer science and plans to continue his education and transfer to a four year school to pursue software programming.  Morris is majoring in biology and wants to continue her education so that she can become a nurse.

Pres at KUStanding under a banner that read “Middle Class Economics,” President Barack Obama retraced his roots in Kansas. He talked about his grandmother’s and mother’s time in the Wichita area and the President told the crowd, “I’m a Kansas guy.”

He then delved into a speech that tackled many of the themes he touched on during his State of the Union Address.  He said he wants to make sure people have the tools they need to succeed. He discussed higher education, child care and other issues that the White House says contributes to American’s financial stress.

Holmes explained the moment, “Being able to see the President of our country in person was an extremely powerful experience.  What especially made his speech relevant to me is how President Obama stressed the importance of higher education.  It actually feels like he understands and he genuinely is trying to help.”

Morris was also thrilled to be able to be in the same room as the President. “It was an amazing gift to see President Barack Obama and it is a gift that I will forever treasure.  His inspirational words will always linger in my mind because he reminded me how bright my future is,” explained Morris.