MCC Students and Employees Donate hundreds of hours of community service during the MLK Day of Service 2015


100 Years, 100 Stories

As part of its 100th Year Centennial Celebration, MCC set a goal of providing 100 hours of community service during the MLK Day of Service 2015 Centennial event. MCC students and employees from all five campuses pitched in to reach that goal and give back to our community on this special day.

MCC-Maple Woods provided more more than 300 hours of community service alone during the MLK Day of Service 2015.

MCC-Maple Woods students, faculty, staff and friends gave MCC’s MLK Day of Service a great boost: nearly 100 participants turned out to serve nine Northland community organizations.

Participants worked with Synergy Services, Hillcrest Thrift Stores, Hillcrest Transitional Housing, Liberty Disaster Relief, St. Charles Food Pantry and Heritage Village to clean, organize and engage residents.

For those who were too young to officially participate in offsite activities, the Maple Woods student center was turned into an art station to make valentines that will be sent to overseas service members.

Rainbow Center2MCC – Blue River students and employees volunteered 122 hours of service to honor Martin Luther King.

Nearly 35 participants turned out to serve nine three regional community organizations. The MCC volunteers spent time working with ASPCA – Independence (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), Habitat for Humanity and  the Rainbow Center in Blue Springs.

Thirty five participants including,  MCC-Blue River President Dr. Michael Banks and his wife, six employees, and twenty seven students.

The volunteers worked from 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. If you calculate the man hours (3.30 minutes per person) the equation looks like this: 3.30 x 35 = 122.30 total hours.

 MCC-Longview students and employees donated more than 400 hours of service. IMG_1478

MCC -Longview gathered 117 volunteers to participate at nine different sites.

Those sites included;  Coldwater Food Pantry, Crittenton Center,Harvesters Hillcrest Thrift Store, Hope House, John Knox Village, KC Pet Project, Longview Cleaning and REAP/ Al Brown. The volunteers were excited to give back and have the opportunity to help on such an important day.



MCC- Business and Technology volunteers donated 50 hours of service 

BT17 MCC-BT employees and and students volunteers spent hours at Habitat for Hummanity’s ReStore located new campus and Harvesters – The Comunity Food Network.

MCC – Business and Technology President Dr. Hassan Naima was on hand to help. The volunteers said they were glad to participate in a district wide service day.



MCC- Penn Valley volunteers  

35 volunteers from MCC -Penn Valley assembled 200 bags to give to the homeless.  The bags included toiletries, food, and socks. The bags were given to the American Red Cross and Angel Hearts Rescue who provide supplies for the homeless and their pets.  A group of volunteers also assisted the American Red Cross with their letter writing campaigns for the troops.