Community College in the News

Community Colleges across the country are receiving attention after the White House unveiled  America’s College Promise Proposal: Tuition-Free Community College for responsible students.

Below is a link the White House provided to further explain the plan.

White House fact sheet

MCC Chancellor Mark James says he is glad to be a part of the national conversation and is eager to learn more as more details are released.

“We are very pleased that the President recognizes the effectiveness and great value community colleges offer in preparing students for advanced degrees and careers. For 100 years, MCC has prepared students to seamlessly transfer to prestigious universities as well as begin lucrative careers for one-third the cost of the average university’s tuition.  Until we learn more specifics, we cannot comment on the President’s proposal directly. However, we can tell you as a community college our goal is to provide quality education for our region. We want students to have access to the education and tools to prepare them for whatever path they choose. This proposal could dramatically increase access to community college and we believe that’s a benefit to students and a benefit to this community,” says James.

MCC has been featured in several recent local articles regarding this topic. Please click on the links below.

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