MCC receives 3 year grant to train Community Health Workers

healthcareOver the next few years, MCC will offer grant funded training to increase the pool of educated and trained Community Health Workers that serve at-risk children, adolescents, and transitional-age youth in behavioral-health related fields.
MCC will receive $299,712 for the next three years. That totals nearly $ 900,000 over the span of the next three years. The purpose of the grant is to provide more scholarship dollars to students who can excel in the community health field.

The Scholarships for Paraprofessionals Project grant will provide scholarships to support tuition, fees and supplies for students.  A maximum of $2,000 per student will be available to cover student support, administrative and management activities for each 12-month period.

The Community Health worker certificate program is designed to develop communication skills, interaction strategies, and awareness of local health care resources; emphasis is placed on understanding the legal and ethical responsibilities involved with advocacy, and how cultural beliefs play a role in community health practices.Other topics in the curriculum include: personal safety, lifestyle choices and environmental factors, forms and documentation, disparities in healthcare, and effective communication and basic presentation skills.

Paraprofessionals/students who are interested in participating in the Community Health Worker program must:

1. Have a high school diploma or GED equivalent
2. Be at least 18 years of age
3. Pass a criminal background check and a Family Care Registry screening
4. Have a valid Social Security number
5. Have a government-issued, photo ID
6. All students whose first language is not English (ESL students) must first complete the testing process for the Applied Language Institute (ALI), and if necessary, all classes that ALI may require.

The Scholarships for Paraprofessionals Project is designed to accommodate the unique needs of potential paraprofessionals. Students may choose a semester program or a six week course. The Community Health Worker certificate is composed of 195 hours of in-class training and instruction, and 60 hours of clinical shadowing, community/service learning, for a total of 255 hours. Students will receive an additional four hours of Employability Skills.

The Scholarships for Paraprofessionals Project will:
1. Support students through provision of tuition, fees, and supplies
2. Expand existing paraprofessional certificate program(s) to include behavioral health related
3. Create more slots in the program(s) to expand the number of students trained
4. Recruit students that are interested in pursuing a behavioral health paraprofessional certificate
5. Develop relationships with organizations focusing on targeted need of at-risk populations
6. Engage with organizations/institutions that provide support and resources to recruit and train
7. Providing career development and job placements services
8. Evaluate the program, collect needed information, and disseminate

If you have questions about the program please contact:

Community Health Worker Program Specialist

3444 Broadway, Suite 215

Kansas City, MO  64111

Phone (816) 604-4918

Fax (816) 759-4706