MCC-Maple Woods presents the art, triumphs of the Holocaust at annual concert


Each year, MCC-Maple Woods celebrates a few of the small triumphs to emerge from the tragedy that was the Holocaust. While the atrocities of genocide infiltrated every aspect of life for concentration camp and ghetto inhabitants, there was one small, bright light – music was allowed to flourish in some of the darkest corners of the Earth.

Many composers created both uplifting works and pieces of despair – some survived the Holocaust, but others were not so fortunate. One of the music selections being performed this year is a collection of four short string quartets all composed in the Terezín concentration camp.  The works are by Kohn, Ledeč, Domažlicky and Schul.

The string quartet will consist four professional musicians: Robin Prinzing-violin, Cathan Prinzing-violin, Naomi Miller-viola and Samantha Chang-cello.  The other work which will be performed is the solo clarinet movement, The Abyss of the Birds from The Quartet for the End of Time by Messiaen.  Professional clarinetist Tyler Goudluck will be the guest soloist for this work.

Each annual Holocaust Remembrance Event highlights different areas of fine art; this year’s focus will be on visual art as well as music. Dr. Milton, a professor at the Kansas City Art Institute and an authority on art of the Holocaust, presented Creative Defiance: Art of the Holocaust.  The collection was a haunting looks at some of humanity’s brightest and darkest moments.