MCC partners with Eptac to expand soldering courses

The MCC Institute for Workforce Innovation has partnered with Eptac, an internationally-recognized solder training and IPC certification corporation, to expand micro-soldering training to the area.  The partnership will allow Eptac to hold courses at MCC’s Richards Gebaur Training Center (formerly the MCC Southland Center) in south Kansas City.  Eptac will utilize MCC space, equipment and instructors to expand course offerings. 

Currently, MCC offers 610a and IPCJ certifications.  Eptac will bring additional soldering training options, as well as train-the-trainer courses.  As a result of the partnership, MCC will become an IPC certified training center, which was the goal of the recent Jobs Accelerator grant. 

The partnership will also benefit local companies, as it will give them an alternative to out-of-state training for their employees. 

Courses will be held two weeks out of the month at the Richards Gebaur facility over the next year. 

If you would like more information about the MCC Richards Gebaur Training Center or the Eptac partnership, please contact Kevin Kelley, IWI director of community & business development, (816) 604-1562.