Five MCC students earn honors at state-wide convention

Five standout MCC students received leadership awards Friday in St. Louis at an honors ceremony that was part of the annual convention of the Missouri Community College Association.

The students, each representing a different MCC campus, each received the 2013 Student Leadership Award. Here are their stories:

Jessica Brand
Jessica Brand with Zora Mulligan, executive director of MCCA (photo credit: Dak Dillon)


Jessica Brand is an active member of the MCC-Maple Woods campus community. She has been instrumental in the development of MCC’s new peer leader program, which allows students to serve as mentors to incoming freshmen in a College 101 class. She met with faculty to collect feedback about the program and this year is serving as campus peer leader. Brand is also a member of Phi Theta Kappa and is looking forward to participating in the Disney Institute this summer.



Tiffani Ohmer
Tiffani Ohmer with Zora Mulligan (photo credit: Dak Dillon)

Tiffani Ohmer, a student at MCC-Blue River, is active in student leadership activities on campus. She serves as president of the student ambassadors and took an active leadership role in the Student Ambassador Leadership Conference at the University of Central Missouri in June. She is a member of the campus’s chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, where she serves as the public relations chair, and she is vice president of the MCC-Blue River Student Activities Council. College administrators praise Ohmer’s creativity, professionalism and leadership.



Ron Bailey
Ron Bailey with Zora Mulligan (photo credit: Dak Dillon)

Ron Bailey is an active member of the MCC-Business & Technology campus community.  As a teenager, Bailey struggled in school, leading him to drop out of high school in 1984. In 2010, he got his life back on track when he enrolled in a GED program at MCC’s Maple Woods campus and passed– after two failed attempts years earlier.  After he earned his GED, Bailey started working toward his degree at MCC’s Business & Technology campus. Next year, he will graduate from MCC with a mechanical/manufacturing engineering technology degree. Bailey has not only proven that he can succeed in the classroom, he has also emerged as a campus leader.  He serves as a peer leader, a student ambassador, a tutor, and the student liaison on MCC’s district-wide Chancellor’s Cabinet.


Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith with Zora Mulligan (photo credit: Dak Dillon)

Caleb Smith, an MCC-Longview student, is a member of Phi Theta Kappa and has served as vice president of correspondence and vice president of service. He works on campus as a tutor, a role that his advisors say could be more accurately described as “mentor.”  One of the people who nominated Smith for the award said, “Caleb is leading his fellow students to success, but he’s not out in front of them.  Caleb is leading other students to success by walking beside them, by example and through encouragement.”



L'eroy Strong
L’eroy Strong with Zora Mulligan (photo credit: Dak Dillon)

L’eroy Strong, an active MCC-Penn Valley student, has been integrally involved in the college’s new peer leader program. He researched, developed, and presented a proposal to MCC’s board of trustees that resulted in an expansion of the peer leader program and made peer leaders paid employees of the college. As a result of his hard work, Strong was named Outstanding Student Leader by the college last year and currently serves as the head peer leader for Penn Valley.


Many congratulations to these deserving honorees! Your instructors, supporter and peers are proud of your hard work and we are eager to continue witnessing your growth and success.