Public Safety Institute graduates Fire Academy cadets

The Public Safety Institute at MCC-Blue River celebrated the graduation of 20 cadets from the Fire Academy on Thursday, September 19. 

At the graduation ceremony, Deputy Chief Dave Cline of the Smithville Area Fire Protection District delivered a keynote address, and the presentation of colors was conducted by the Gladstone Fire Department. Nathan Brown sang the national anthem and the invocation/benediction was given by Wayne Hartley, Independence Fire chaplain.

Those graduating included Class President Jeremy Snyder; Class Vice President Katherine Mersman; and cadets Jordan Brock, Joseph Calvin, Jordan Cook, Darrell Dorsey, Alex Elliott, John Gilpin, Mitchell Jones, Jason King, Stephen Lomas, Adam Mallory, Nicholas Mansfield, Deron Moore, Bradley Naugle, Jeremy Romig, Matthew Shami, Mason  Tompkins, Caleb Williamson and Luis Zabala.

Issuing the certificates were MCC-Blue River President Michael Banks, Associate Dean of Instruction Basil Lister, Public Safety Institute Director Mike Hendershot, Chief of Training Rusty Sullivan, Lead Fire Instructor Bob Little, and EMT Coordinator Emeritus Harold Kenyon.