MCC in the news: Francis Institute director weighs in on universal pre-K

As officials in the Kansas City Missouri School District are considering the benefits and drawbacks of implementing universal pre-kindergarten, one thing is certain: more early-childhood classrooms = more early childhood teachers. KC Star logo

And just where and how the district is going to come up with these additional teachers was the subject of a recent Kansas City Star article that featured the Francis Institute for Child and Youth Development at MCC-Penn Valley.

The Francis Institute delivers early childhood education programs, pairing with a lab school on the Penn Valley campus to prepare students to become teachers, teacher’s aides and early-childhood specialists. Becky Curtis, director of the Francis Institute, shared with the reporter her experience as a former teacher and talked about her concerns and hopes for the future of early-childhood education in the city.  

Click here to read the Kansas City Star article, written by Joe Robertson.