MCC in the news: Unique program trains machinists better, faster, cheaper

A new partnership between MCC-Business & Technology and a group of local employers means a more direct path to employment for some manufacturing students, and it’s gaining attention around the city.

The Computer Integrated Machining & Manufacturing (CIMM) program, established earlier in 2013, is a short-term training for entry-level machinists. Many of the area’s more than 2,500 manufacturers are in need of skilled machinists, especially in light of the current wave of retiring Baby Boomers. So, MCC teamed up with a group of these employers to develop the CIMM program, where students spend 10 weeks in the lab mastering the basics of manual mill or lathe machining and then spend six weeks as paid interns at one of the 29 CIMM consortium partners. Students in the program receive the benefit of MoManufacturingWINs grant funding, which helps with tuition costs and instructional equipment purchases.

Last week, 41 Action News reporter Mitch Weber paid a visit to the lab and filed this news story about the CIMM program:

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