MCC in the news: Driving simulator highlights growing problem

We all know that it’s a dangerous choice to operate a vehicle while impaired–but it’s not just drugs and alcohol that contribute to unsafe driving. While many colleges take steps to prevent students from driving while under the influence, MCC is taking things a step further – aiming to prevent driving while distracted.

As part of a month-long campaign that spans multiple MCC campuses, MCC-Maple Woods this week hosted Drive by Example, a distracted-driving simulator that helps bring awareness to the perils of focusing on anything other than the road when we’re behind the wheel. And KSHB 41 News reporter Syed Shabbir filed this news story about how the program is raising awareness about a growing problem among teens and adults:


Doug Horn, Drive by Example founder, laid out the program’s importance in very simple terms.

“Look at all of us standing here right now,” Horn said. “We’ve all got cell phones in our hands, and we feel compelled to look at them whenever we hear that beep.”


And focusing on phones or other distractions while driving can spell disaster for young drivers and older drivers alike, Horn said.

“We’re no different than any of these young men and women sitting around us. That’s why it’s so important to spread this message as far as we can, and community college is a great place to begin.”

The Drive by Example simulator will make additional stops at other MCC campuses during September and October.

Horn, who is reaching out to community colleges across Missouri, plans to use MCC as an example of how colleges can be a force for change in the push to promote safe driving tactics.