Welcome, new students!

MCC’s five campuses have all been bustling this week with the excitement of welcoming new students, and we’re proud to have a group of returning students leading the welcome efforts.

Volunteering as Peer Leaders, returning students from each campus have been helping new students and their families get acquainted with the campus and with the college experience during a week-long, district-wide series of New Student Welcomes. (Pictured above: Peer Leaders from MCC-Penn Valley)

The Peer Leaders showed new students how to get set up with things like a student ID, a parking permit and text books. They provided tours of the campus and then delivered the incoming students to a session where top campus leaders, like the president and deans, talked about what to expect at MCC.

Many thanks to our awesome Peer Leaders, and a great, big MCC welcome to the new students! We’re glad you’re here!

To see a slide show of photos from throughout the week, visit MCC’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/mcckansascity.