MCC-Maple Woods awards standout students

Each year, MCC-Maple Woods recognizes students who stand out, both with academic success and leadership abilities. Recognition is given to students who go above and beyond in their studies and who impact the learning environment in a positive way for their fellow students.

Individual Academic Honors:

Engineering – Tony Powers
Engineering – Andrew Griffin
Engineering – Di Zhao
Math – Cory Rash
Art – Alicia Wyatt
Speech – Kaycee Speiser
English – Coby Cedarholm
Foreign Language – Wesley Bennett
Veterinary Technology – Kathie Thomas
Veterinary Technology – Donna Mackley-Payton
Chemistry – Tony Powers
Social Science – William Hardy
Social Science – Crysta Knowles
Business – Diana Freed
Business – Emily Quigley
Honors – Riann Rosenquist
Re-Entry – Brad Bryant

Individual Activities & Leadership Honors:

Baseball – Ryan Cooper
Softball – Jamie Bullock
Men’s Soccer – Gabriel Muniz
Women’s Soccer – Megan Ropcke
Student Leadership – Damion Segall
Student Leadership – Jonathan Meppelink
Phi Theta Kappa – Lacey Dutro

Presidential Scholars:

2013 Presidential Scholars

Cecilia Sanchez, Heather Mady, Brian Goodman, Heather Mansell, Crystal Hill, Kelly Vaughan, Julie Whistman

Not pictured: Sarah Borthwick, Jacod Kolb, Elizabeth Dix, Dawn Shaver, Katya Soderstrom, Keegan Mikessell, Hannah Keim, Dylan Pyles

Honor Chords in Leadership:

2013 Student Leadership Cords