Thank you, Adele

The MCC community mourns the loss of one of Kansas City’s greatest philanthropists, Adele Hall. Beyond her civic and philanthropic commitments, which were countless, Adele’s most lasting legacy will be that she was extraordinarily caring and kind-hearted. Indeed, she was very kind to MCC.

Adele and her husband, Don, served as honorary co-chairs of MCC’s third annual Five Star Gala in 2012, helping raise a record amount of money to support student scholarships and special campus projects. And this wasn’t just another cause for her: she was genuinely passionate about education. In fact, when she recently took a tour of the MCC-Penn Valley Health Science Institute, to which the Hall Family Foundation made a significant financial contribution, Adele was moved to tears when a group of students presented her with a card to thank her for making their educational dreams a reality.

We thank you, Adele, for your generous support of MCC and, more importantly, for your support of people and organizations across Greater Kansas City who most needed your care and kindness. Your legacy lives on in those whose hearts you’ve touched.