MCC-Longview English Instructor Published

Getting published is something college faculty members strive for and those at MCC are no exception.

MCC-Longview English instructor Jan Rog was recently published in The 2011 Conference Proceedings of MIDTESOL (Mid-America Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages).

Rog collaborated on the article, “Engaging and Empowering Non-TESOL Educators: Applying Principles of Joinfostering in a New College ESL Program,” with other Longview faculty and staff including Diana Grahn, Jim McGraw, Greg Loftin, Judy Rice, Margaret Burke and Burke Maxted.

The article introduced the concept of joinfostering and how its principles were used with Longview’s English learners. Rog also addressed how the ESL program at Longview has grown over the last five years.

Joinfostering includes, according to Rog’s article, “academic inquiry, personal development, and social engagement throughout the school.”

She relates phrase she often repeats when involved in professional development training: “While we learn how to best prepare these English learners for our school, we also need to learn how to best prepare our school for these English learners.” The joinfostering principles can be applied to professional educators just as they are applied when working with students.

Rog’s article, compiled with other research based articles in the conference proceedings, can be found beginning on page 134 of the MIDTESOL publication, which is available for download on their website at

Rog teaches ESL courses, Composition and U.S. Latino and Latina Literature at MCC-Longview, and acts as a co-advisor for Phi Theta Kappa – Kappa Tau. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and psychology from Rockhurst University and a master’s degree in teaching English as a second language from Arizona State University.