A note from the Chancellor

Chancellor Mark James

The fall semester is always an exciting season at Metropolitan Community College (MCC)—with fresh, new students embarking on their academic path and seasoned, familiar students preparing for graduation next spring. Each of them is making a deliberate effort to achieve their  educational and career goals and we, the employees of MCC, are rejuvenated by their energy. Faculty are actively engaged with students on exciting curricula and staff are delivering programming and support services that will keep students engaged throughout the semester. The past several months have been  bustling, with celebrations of several outstanding new programs and initiatives punctuated by visits from notable national and local leaders, all with a focus on driving student success.

This new e-newsletter, MCC Update, is our way of sharing with you, our community, what your community college has been up to lately. Lots of great things happen every week across our five-campus district and we’d love for you to know about what’s going on. You have been included among the recipients of MCC Update because of your past or current relationship with one or more of MCC’s campuses or campus leaders. We hope these stories will be of interest to you, but if you decide at any time you would rather not receive MCC Update, we have provided an easy opt-out link at the bottom of this message.

Thank you for your current, past or future support of MCC and we look forward to keeping in touch with you.  Happy holidays!


Mark S. James
Chancellor, Metropolitan Community College