Students experience One Homeless Day at MCC-Blue River

To better understand the plight of the homeless who live among us, a group of MCC-Blue River students recently spent a day living as homeless people might live.

One Homeless Day event raises awareness of the growing issue of youth homelessness in our area. The event is planned in conjunction with Synergy Services, a nonprofit agency that serves homeless and at-risk youth.

More than 45 MCC-Blue River students participated in the event, which took place on the campus’s central courtyard. Together, the students raised over $120 for Synergy. Additionally, student Erin Markley secured a donation of hygiene products and campus life and leadership coordinator Amy Slater secured other in-kind donations for the agency.

The local homeless population is made up of 13% single women, 36% families with children, 7% unaccompanied minors, and 44% single men, according to Synergy.

Plans are underway for the second annual One Homeless Day to take place in the fall of 2013.