MCC in the news: Health Care Foundation features Community Health Worker pilot course

MCC’s Training for Tomorrow program is piloting a new course to train community health workers, and it has attracted the attention of local healthcare media. This article about the training program was recently posted on the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City’s website.

Community health worker is a fairly new category among health professions. These workers are focused on bridging the gap between healthcare providers and underserved populations in need of care. These advocates link the patient with health or social service agencies to improve access to services, quality of care, and overall improvement of healthcare outcomes.

The MCC training course was developed in response to current and future healthcare reforms such as the Affordable Care Act, which have led to a demand for careers in healthcare advocacy.

The MCC course began last month. Based on the positive response from the pilot program, the Training for Tomorrow team anticipates offering community health worker training courses as a regular open-enrollment offering beginning in 2013.

To read the complete article featured on the Health Care Foundation website, click here.