MCC to provide job training for domestic violence shelters

The MCC Institute for Workforce Innovation is partnering with LINCWorks and the Metropolitan Family Violence Coalition on a new initiative to bring job training opportunities to shelter residents.  Twelve students will be awarded scholarships through LINCWorks to enroll in I.W.I. job certification courses.

In addition to training for in-demand career fields such as healthcare and manufacturing, students will receive academic support and employability skills training.

Participating shelters include:

LINCWorks is the workforce division of the Local Investment Commission, which administers Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) funds.   MCC and LINCWorks have been collaborating for nearly two years on an initiative providing similar services to TANF recipients.

“I.W.I. has been an exceptional partner in designing programs that are specific to the needs of their partners and in tune with the workplace demands of a changing economy,” said Brenda Mitchelson, LINCWorks program and staff development specialist.  “It is a pleasure collaborating with I.W.I. and the Coalition to bring fresh approaches to vocational training and education in a format that supports the mission of all the partners and benefits the aspirations of the LINCWorks participants as they move towards a new economic independence.”