Leading Medical Simulation Org. Hosts Conference at MCC

Medical experts from the world’s largest medical simulation community recently trained healthcare instructors at a conference that was held at MCC.

The MCC-Penn Valley Health Science Institute played host to the Central Region Human Patient Simulation Network (HPSN) Conference in June. The HSI was chosen as the location for the conference because of the facility’s innovative education model and cutting-edge technology.

“The MCC-Penn Valley Health Science Institute is a model healthcare simulation program in the United States that offers multidisciplinary simulation training,” said Tess Mitchell, vice president of marketing for CAE Healthcare. “We are pleased to host an HPSN conference at this state-of-the-art facility and to showcase the innovative clinical preparation that takes place there.”

The conference featured live simulations led by Health Science Institute faculty. Up to 20 healthcare educators attended concurrent sessions on the following scenarios:

  • Cardiac arrest in a dental office, led by Arthur Brady and Carol Gohdes;
  • A multidisciplinary home health simulation, led by Karen Komoroski; and
  • Live or simulation: obstetrics and anesthesia for urgent cesarean delivery, led by Shelley Barenklau.

Pam Anthony, human patient simulation lab coordinator at the Health Science Institute, said her team was honored to host the conference.

“We were very excited about partnering with HPSN to host the conference and expand simulation training in order to better prepare allied health students to hit the ground running when they start working at hospitals and medical facilities,” she said.

For more information on the HPSN Regional conference, go to http://www.hpsn.com/event/central-regional-hpsn-2012/88/.