MCC in the news: MCC opens Southland Training Center

The MCC Southland Training Center, an MCC training annex in South Kansas City, is making headlines for its role in gearing up the tech skills of workers in southern Jackson and Cass counties.

The training center, located at the office park formerly occupied by the Richards-Gebaur Air Force base, was established earlier this year in conjunction with manufacturing giant Honeywell, which will move its National Nuclear Security Administration plant to a nearby South Kansas City location next year.

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The launch of the new training center was part of the expansion of a long-standing contract between Honeywell and the MCC Institute for Workforce Innovation that involves training the company’s employees on specific technical procedures. The initial use for the training center has been to train Honeywell employees on micro-soldering in a specialized lab at the location, though other Jackson County and Cass County businesses, such as Civacon, are also beginning to take advantage of the training facility.