First MCC-Cass County courses receive high marks from students

As the inaugural semester of MCC’s course offerings in Cass County wraped up this past May, results of a student satisfaction survey indicate most students would give the program an A+.

The spring semester, which began in February, marked the first time MCC has offered degree-path college courses within Cass County limits. Classes are held in the evenings at the Belton High School Freshman Center.

Students enrolled in MCC-Cass County classes were asked in April to complete a student experience survey; of the 96 students enrolled, 64 responded to the survey (response rate = 67%).

Here are some of the highlights of the results:

  • 99% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with their overall experience at MCC-Cass County
  • 95% were satisfied/very satisfied with the attention that was given to them as an individual
  • 77% were satisfied/very satisfied with the selection of classes offered
  • 92% were satisfied/very satisfied with the equipment and facilities
  • 75% indicated they would be likely/very likely to re-enroll at MCC-Cass County
  • 91% said they would recommend MCC-Cass County to a friend or acquaintance

Of the respondents, more than half were returning MCC students, meaning they had previously attended at least one class at one of MCC’s five campuses or took an on-line course. Survey results also indicated students’ primary educational goals were to obtain an associate’s degree and/or to transfer to another institution. Respondents’ primary reason for attending MCC-Cass County was convenience, both geographically and with regard to the time of day classes were offered.

Additional information about MCC-Cass County classes can be found at

Photo above: This sign not only directs students to the Belton High School Freshman Center, but also symbolizes MCC’s commitment to Cass County residents.