MCC in the News: EnergyWorks Initiative Covered by The KC Call

An in-depth article appeared in this week’s edition of the KC Call, “Constructing Lives Built Around the Green Impact Zone,” covering MCC’s EnergyWorks training program.

MCC, through the Institute for Workforce Innovation, is part of a city-wide initiative that received a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor to increase the retrofit of buildings in the Kansas City area to conserve energy, promote the recycling of building materials, and to overall improve residents’ quality of life.

The grant, administered by the Mid-America Regional Council, provides for small business development, job training, and on-the-job training incentives for employers.

MCC was awarded $235,000 in December to train the unemployed and underemployed, targeting seven neighborhoods within the urban core for green deconstruction and abatement jobs, including the Green Impact Zone.