Key Performance Indicators

KPIs for Fall 2013

The SEM KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for Fall 2013 have been added. Stay tuned for regular updates on our progress with the SEM initiatives.

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The most recent SEM recommendations and work group teams are now available (see links below). All recommendations have been tied to the student lifecycle.The student lifecycle is the operational framework for the SEM project.

The chairpersons of the various SEM subcommittees presented recommendations to the Chancellor’s Cabinet Feb. 4, 2013. We anticipate beginning work on the approved recommendations in Spring 2013.

All employees were encouraged to review the recommendations below and provide input via SURVEY MONKEY. All responses / feedback was compliled with a  Feb. 22, 2013 deadline.

Link to Recommendations: (Feb 2013)

SEM Consolidated Matrix Student LifeCycle (Note: the recommendations under this link are in the Student Life Cycle order. The survey order is listed by teamm –  ex. Team 1: Persistence, Team 2: Recruitment, etc.)

Student LifeCycle with success measures