Welcome, new MCC employees

New Employees

MCC is thrilled to add new members to our team. Please say hi if you see these new faces on your campus.



From left to right:

Name                                    Title                                              Location
Sarah Nyepon                    Custodian                                            PV

Sara DeCamp                     Library Specialist                               LV

Ebony Bowman                 Program Coordinator                        LV

Cameron Stephenson       Custodian                                            PV

Anna Crabtree                    Learning Specialist                           PV

Ernie Webb III                   Campus Comm. Coordinator         BT

Ken Shoemaker                  Maintenance Mechanic                   LV

Thomas Phillips                 Campus Police Officer                     PV

Patricia Breed                     Student Service Specialist              LV

Kathryn Defever                 Student Services Specialist            MW

Not pictured:
Lee Ann Townsend             Nursing Instructor                         PVHSI