MCC English faculty have book projects in the works

News from the publishing world (and the MCC campuses):

MCC-Longview English instructor Zoe Albright is co-author of the textbook “College Writing Skills” (10th edition), to be published in 2019 by McGraw-Hill. This is the second book she has co-authored with John Langan. She’s also finishing up the manuscript of “Exploring Writing Paragraphs to Essays” (fourth edition, also as co-author). It will be published in 2020. Albright is a digital faculty consultant for McGraw-Hill Education and has worked extensively with its Connect program, a web-based assignment and assessment platform.



MCC-Longview English instructor Aisha Sharif’s book “To Keep From Undressing” is slotted to be published by Spark Wheel Press in late 2018 or early 2019.  The book  is a collection of poetry about being an African-American Muslim woman. “It addresses growing up in the South as a religious minority as well as being black within the larger Muslim community before and after 9/11,” she says. “The book also explores my journey with the hijab, the Muslim head covering, as well as marriage and motherhood.” Her poems are mostly free verse and narrative, although a few sonnets, haikus and other forms make appearances as well. Most of the poems have been previously published in journals, and the signature piece, “Why I Can Dance Down a Soul Train Line in Public and Still Be Muslim,” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2015.