Staff and administrator full position description postings

Full position descriptions for the new Metropolitan Community College administrator and staff titles introduced following the Gallagher Classification and Compensation study are now published. These are posted on the public-facing website in the Human Resources section.

A direct link to the classification structure is available here.

Each class title is linked to its respective full position description. At the top of the page is a link to the crosswalk between the previous position titles and the current position titles. Employees whose position titles saw a language change during the Gallagher study received this information directly, however the crosswalk is available for reference.

A direct link to the previous and current crosswalk of position titles is available here.

The upload of these full position descriptions into PeopleAdmin is scheduled to complete within the next several days. As shared during campus forums in May, there is a process in place for employees and supervisors to review and petition MCC Human Resources for a position analysis appeal. Specific details of this process are forthcoming.