Sixteen MCC-Longview Students Finish Garmin Marathon

On Saturday, April 21, 16 MCC-Longview students finished the Garmin Marathon in Olathe, Kan. Seven of the 16 ran the full marathon and nine ran the half marathon. These students trained in the course Marathon Training, taught by John.O’Connell and Jim McGraw.

“As an instructor it is very rewarding to see the students get to the finish line,” said instructor, O’Connell, “You can really see their happiness after physically achieving this.”

The Marathon Training course combines the mental and physical elements of training for such a demanding run. Last spring was the first time offering this class, in which 23 students ran and finished a marathon. The class meets up on Saturdays for long group runs, then has a discussion about the barriers and what to expect while training.

To learn more about the course contact John.O’Connell at 816-604-2440 or Jim McGraw at 816-604-2313.