Now’s your chance to read MCC’s accreditation ‘arguments’

As you’ve probably heard, MCC is about to undergo an accreditation review — not for a single program but for the entire college. Our last institutional review by the Higher Learning Commission was in 2006.

A seven-member team of HLC reviewers will be here Nov. 15-18. Part of preparing for this accreditation visit is putting together an extensive document of “assurance arguments” in five categories, or criteria.

As Dr. Michel Hillman, interim vice chancellor for academic affairs, explained in an email to employees last week, the purpose of the document is to provide assurances that MCC meets HLC accreditation standards.

All this information will be available to the reviewers on an HLC-hosted website. But MCC has also made the materials available on our accreditation blog. You can read it in sections (Chancellor’s Welcome, Criteria One through Five, individual overviews of the three campuses expected to be visited, and federal compliance information). Or you can download the entire document.

Here’s where to find it:

Also, employees are invited to provide feedback on what they read. Click Employee Feedback on the blog. Your name is not required. The survey provides spaces for substantive comments about each section of the accreditation document.

Deadline for employee comments is Wednesday, Sept. 30, at noon.

Between then and mid-October, MCC’s HLC Steering Committee will make final edits to the assurance arguments. At that point the official assurance website will be locked down, and HLC reviewers will begin examining the arguments and the hundreds of pages of related “evidence.”

By the way, if you missed the recent Q&A email explaining how the accreditation process works and what employees can do to prepare, read that here.

As Hillman notes, MCC expects the reviewers to visit the Business & Technology, Longview and Penn Valley campuses, but “the team can talk to anyone they want to — faculty, staff, administrators or students — at any MCC campus.”

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