New scholarship search tool goes live next week

Starting Tuesday, MCC students will have a whole new way to find and apply for scholarships from the MCC Foundation.

The new scholarship search process, which will launch on Tuesday, Jan. 17, simplifies the pursuit of scholarship opportunities for both prospective and current students.

The goal of the process improvement, initiated by a district-wide review committee, was three-fold:

  • to make the process easier for students to use;
  • to make scholarships a more effective recruiting tool; and
  • to ensure MCC awards the maximum number of available scholarships.


“The previous scholarship process was frustrating and confusing,” said Brian Bechtel, associate dean at MCC-Maple Woods, who co-led the committee with Cindy Butler, now-retired director of financial aid.

“The new search tool allows students to see a personalized list of scholarships they may qualify for before even applying to MCC,” said Bechtel. “This helps them have a better understanding of how much financial assistance they may receive.”

A person using the new system will now be able to choose whether to proceed as a prospective or an existing student. The user will answer a short series of general questions and then the search tool will return a list of scholarships for which they may consider applying. The user will then be asked a series of more targeted questions, which will in turn produce a more personalized list of scholarships. After selecting which scholarships to apply for, the user will receive an email listing the necessary support documents. This eliminates the need for a separate scholarship application and keeps the student from having to submit duplicate documents if applying for multiple scholarships.

Simplifying the search and application process, a project that has been ongoing for over a year, has required a lot of complex work on the back end, organizers said.

“Though the final product appears simple, extensive work was required to make this happen,” said Dena Norris, director of financial aid.

“This project was a collaboration between our technical and support teams– the MetroSoft system managers and module leaders, our developers in IT, our web applications team and marketing,” added Kathy Hale, director of enrollment services. “Congratulations to these groups for designing and completing this student-focused project.”