New employees at MCC

New Employee Orientation photo

A very warm welcome to the new employees of MCC.


Ryan Hard, Library Technical Services, MCC-Penn Valley

Andrew Greene, Biology Instructor, MCC-Penn Valley

Samantha Satterfield, Physical Therapist Instructor, MCC-Penn Valley HSI

Patrick Dryden, Sociology Instructor, MCC-Longview

Floyd Fowler, Custodian, MCC-Longview

Daekeun Kwon, Chemistry Instructor, MCC-Maple Woods

Brandon Gillette, Philosophy Instructor, MCC-Blue River

Edward Delaney, EMT/Paramedic Instructor, MCC-Penn Valley HSI

Aisha Sharif, English Instructor, MCC-Longview

Benjamin Howard, Student Services Supervisor, MCC-Business & Technology

Berg Heskin, Mathematics Instructor, MCC-Maple Woods

Jasmine Carroll, Custodian, MCC-Maple Woods

Not pictured: Kathrine Swanson, VC Chancellor of Student Success and Engagement, Administrative Center