National poll ranks nurses high on honesty and ethics


According to Gallup’s annual poll that looks at honesty and ethical standards among various fields, nurses top the list once again with 84% of the public rating their standards as “high” or “very high.

This is the 15th year in a row that nurses have been ranked with this honor.

College teachers were also high on the list with 47% of the public rating their standards as “high” or “very high.

At Metropolitan Community College, the two-year registered nurses program gives students hands-on experience and excellent instruction in the state-of-the-art Health Science Institute. The program gives students an associate in applied science degree and prepares students to apply for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses.

MCC also offers a licensed practical nurse one year program.  Students can gain quick entry into the nursing field from an accredited practical nursing program and receive hands-on experience and excellent instruction. In addition, students are prepared to take the National Council of State Boards of Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).

Nicole Woodworth (second from left) at her MCC pinning ceremony in 2013
Nicole Woodworth (second from left) at her MCC pinning ceremony in 2013

One former MCC student, Nicole Woodworth now works at Children’s Mercy  for an inpatient unit that’s primarily orthopedic. “It’s amazing. I have so much fun hanging out with kids and meeting their families, trying to take care of kids the best that I can while they are in the hospital,” says Woodworth.

She graduated from MCC in December 2013 and has been working with children since she passed her state board exam. Looking back at her time as a student, she thinks MCC prepared her well.


“Now that I work in a hospital, I talk to a lot of people about their nursing programs. I have compared and contrasted them,

Nicole Woodsworth
Nicole Woodworth

and I think MCC does a lot of hands-on training, a lot more practical applications that other programs don’t have available. I think that really enabled me to hit the ground running.”

Woodworth said she hopes more follow in her footstep, because she loves her profession. And she credits MCC faculty and her MCC classmates for much of her success.

“Nursing school is hard, so definitely the teachers were really supportive. They were able to come alongside you with your personal baggage that you brought into nursing school, so a lot of them understood what your home life was like in addition to what you were doing in school. They were able to really help you overcome all of the obstacles that you ran into while you were trying to accomplish the nursing program.”

As for her classmates at MCC, “we were really a team. Everyone was trying to get everyone else through the program and get them to do the best that they could do. I am still friends with most of my class. You have to be really committed to wanting it, but it is so rewarding. You do feel like you are impacting people’s lives and making a difference.”

She is thankful for her MCC experience and now thankful to work with such great little patients and a hospital that serves such a vital role for the community.