Mural by MCC-Longview Art Instructor at Home in NYC

More than 100 Sony Music employees are now looking at original Midwest artwork every time they sit down at their desks.

Daniel Reneau, MCC-Longview art instructor, was approached by Kansas City furniture company Adventures Indoors to design and complete a mural on tabletops to be used as workstations in the offices of Sony Music headquarters in New York City.

Adventures Indoors was chosen by Sony Music to build the 65 tabletops in three different sizes, ranging from five feet to 10 feet in length. After the building process was complete, the company put a coat of wood stain on the tables before sending them to Reneau’s off-campus personal studio for the addition of the mural.

Mural design by MCC-Longview art instructor Daniel Reneau
Mural design by MCC-Longview art instructor Daniel Reneau

Reneau worked on the design for the mural with the creative director at Sony Music, emailing designs until he hit on one that fit their concept. “They wanted a design that had an organic feel, a curvy, sprawling design,” says Reneau, who noted that there was quite a bit of discussion before they settled on a design that fit Sony’s vision.  He spent his holiday break from teaching at Longview painting the table murals in his studio.

The process to create a mural of this sort involves masking tape – lots and lots of masking tape. Reneau and his volunteer team of Longview art students, family and friends covered the entire surface of each tabletop with strips of masking tape. After that was done, the design was transferred to the surface and the team cut away the portion that was to be painted. The entire process took the team about 500 combined hours to complete.

After the painting was complete in early February, the tabletops were sent back to Adventure Indoors for a durable epoxy topcoat before being shipped to Sony’s New York offices for installation.

Reneau is making a name for himself in the mural business. He led the mural project at The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts and created a mural for the new offices of NP Connect in Kansas City. Before joining the art faculty at Longview, Reneau taught at the Kansas City Art Institute. In addition to his teaching duties on campus, he is also the director of the MCC-Longview Cultural Arts Center Gallery.