Motorcycle Safety Program sees increased enrollment demand, receives donated equipment

The enjoyment and economics of riding a motorcycles are in full force now that spring is upon us – the basic rider courses at MCC-Maple Woods are now open and filling quickly, leading the program to expand its available offerings to accommodate more demand.

The basic rider courses are designed to teach new riders the safety and mechanics of handling a motorcycle – everything from maneuverability to safety to traffic laws. Students complete both a written and driving test under the supervision of instructors from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

For more information on basic rider courses, or to register, click here.

As demand for the classes rises with the prospect of soaring gas prices, the motorcycle safety program is taking as many steps as possible to ensure that they can still accommodate those who haven’t had the time to invest in a full set of riding gear yet, or those who don’t want to do so until they are sure they can complete the course. Motorcycle Closeouts, a local business in Smithville, Mo., recently donated 5 helmets to the program to help meet the increased need.

“Driving a motorcycle can be safe and economical,” said Claudia Mekins, who oversees the program at Maple Woods. “But the key word there is safe. These helmets will help us educate more riders about the importance of protective gear and their legal responsibilities.”