MCC welcomes new employees, July 2018

Metropolitan Community College would like to welcome the most recent additions to the MCC family.

Juana Leonard
From left: Sydney Bradford, Kaitlyn Kelly, Robin Allen, Keri Cerda Reynolds, Salbador Pena


Some tidbits about these new employees:

  • Juana Leonard, MCC-Business & Technology, Director of Corporate College
    • Juana is excited to join the MCC family and says there will be exciting things happening at the Corporate College this fall!
  • Sydney Bradford, MCC-Maple Woods, Student Services Specialist
    • Sydney wanted to join the MCC family because of its “great reputation in the Northland, flexibility and wide variety of programs offered for students.” She is excited to be “helping students achieve their goals.”
  • Kaitlyn Kelly, MCC-Maple Woods, Campus Life & Leadership Coordinator
    • Now full time at Maple Woods, Kaitlyn says, “I worked in Campus Life at Penn Valley part time and loved it!” She is excited to be “working with students and providing opportunities for engagement.” She is a fur baby owner: Rizzo the dog and Roxy the cat.
  • Robin Allen, MCC-Blue River, Admissions Coordinator
    • Robin says the team at Blue River is “passionate” and there is “so much room for educational growth.” She is an adventurer who loves to travel.
  • Keri Cerda Reynolds, MCC-Maple Woods, Student Services Specialist
    • Keri is a Kansas City native who wanted to move back home. She is excited to be “getting to work with more students.” She is a cat person; she’s had her black cat, Danger, for almost 14 years.
  • Salbador Pena, MCC-Penn Valley, Facilities Services Specialist
    • Salbador says MCC will be a great place to work and he loves to meet new people.