MCC welcomes new employees, January 2018

Metropolitan Community College would like to welcome the most recent additions to the MCC family.

From left: Whitney Turner, Gary Sprague, Roy Hutcheon, Heith Carnahan, D. Eric Moore, Helina Kebede, Roger Claypool, Christine Biel

Some tidbits about these new employees:

  • Whitney Turner, MCC-Longview math instructor: She’s most excited about working with students.
  • Gary Sprague, MCC-Administrative Center maintenance mechanic: What is something people may not know about him? “I’m nice.”
  • Roy Hutcheon, MCC-Penn Valley math instructor: He is a former Penn Valley learning specialist and adjunct faculty member.
  • Heith Carnahan, MCC-Penn Valley administrative assistant: He’s also a freelance photographer for Kansas City roller derby leagues.
  • D. Eric Moore, MCC-Business & Technology industrial tech lab specialist: He’s excited about “getting to clean and organize the lab.” He spent four years in a machine shop making parts, largely for food packaging.
  • Helina Kebede, MCC-Penn Valley Health Science Institute practical nursing instructor: She was a nurse for 17 years and then got her master’s degree in nursing education.
  • Roger Claypool, MCC-Business & Technology industrial technology instructor: He wanted to join MCC because “I enjoy teaching!”
  • Christine Biel, MCC-Maple Woods biology instructor: “I am a funeral director’s daughter and I grew up in a funeral home (upstairs!).”