MCC welcomes new employees, August 2017

Metropolitan Community College would like to welcome the most recent additions to the MCC family.

Please say hello to these new employees.

From left: Plarenta Bredehoft, Christina Akins, Heidi Kuster, Gerald Morrison, Crystal Moore, Thomas Black, Ann Raab, Lydell Stafford, Jason Thornley, Alex Harris, Katrice Heard, Tariq Shadeed, Danielle Robinette. Not pictured: Raymund Ramirez.
  • Plarenta Bredehoft, MCC-Penn Valley physics instructor
  • Christina Akins, MCC-Penn Valley EMS instructor
    • A graduate of the MCC paramedic program. She says, “I love the college and I am dedicated to helping students succeed.” Fun fact: Self-proclaimed EMS geek, who loves studying and does so in her spare time.
  • Heidi Kuster, MCC-Penn Valley biology instructor
    • Joining the MCC family because she had a “great experience here as a student and later as adjunct.” Fun fact: “I have triplets!”
  • Gerald Morrison, MCC-Maple Woods CSIS instructor
  • Crystal Moore, MCC-Maple Woods history instructor
    • “It was clear upon visiting, that faculty and staff at MCC are very close and provide an amazing environment for the students. Fun fact: “I grew up in foster care and my husband and I will soon take classes to become foster parents for children 8 years and up.”
  • Thomas Black, MCC-Penn Valley English instructor
    • Has been teaching English at community colleges for the last eight years. He is new to Kansas City and says the students made him want to join the MCC family. “They were very influential in my visits. They had drive, were active and motivated.”
  • Ann Raab, MCC-Longview anthropology instructor
    • She is moving from adjunct to full time with MCC. She is excited about having more time to interact with students. Fun fact: “I did improv comedy for 12 years.”
  • Lydell Stafford, MCC-Business and Technology custodian
    • Previously a hospital housekeeper, she is excited to meet new people and to be in a new environment.
  • Jason Thornley, MCC-Maple Woods biology instructor
    • Now full time, he has been an adjunct, teaching biology at MCC-Maple Woods since 2004. Fun fact: Loves to see live music.
  • Alex Harris, MCC-Longview biology instructor
    • “I wanted to teach where I had once been a student. I’m proud to be back at my alma mater.” Fun fact: “My intellectual hero is Charles Darwin.”
  • Katrice Heard, Administrative Center administrative assistant
    • She is moving from part time to full time with MCC. She is excited about the full-time opportunity with advancement possibilities.
  • Tariq Shadeed, MCC-Blue River student services assistant
  • Danielle Robinette, Administrative Center administrative assistant
  • Raymund Ramirez, MCC-Maple Woods biology instructor