MCC PD alert: Catalytic converter theft awareness

Metropolitan Community College employees and students should please be aware that in the last two weeks, thieves stole two catalytic converters from vehicles parked on the MCC-Longview campus. There was also an attempted catalytic converter theft that was interrupted.

A catalytic converter is part of your vehicle’s emissions/exhaust system.  Thieves crawl under the vehicle and cut off the catalytic converter in less than two minutes, using a high speed saw that makes very little noise.

To deter this crime, park your vehicle in a well-lit highly visible area.  If you hear a loud exhaust noise coming from your vehicle after you start the engine, you may be a victim of catalytic converter theft.

Report any suspicious activity going on around your vehicle or anyone else’s, but do not approach the area. Go to a safe location and call the campus police immediately at 816-604-1200.  Let’s work together to stop catalytic converter thefts from our campuses.