MCC officially launches e-requisitions Oct. 2

Metropolitan Community College is excited to officially launch its new e-requisitions.  As a requester, you may start creating e-requisitions in the Peoplesoft finance system on Monday, Oct. 2.

If you have received training about e-requisitions, look on your Outlook calendar Monday, Oct. 2 for a five-minute event. It links to updated training documents and is full of helpful tips about your task as either a requester or an approver.

The new requisition signatory policy also starts Oct. 2 for e-requisitions and paper requisitions that are still routing for approval.

To clarify, if you are the dean, on Oct. 2, you don’t have to sign a paper requisition that’s below $500 and not submitted by someone you directly supervise. Instead  forward those requisitions (without your signature) to the next person on the list. Additional signatures are still required for special funds, program codes and IT-related purchases.

Administrators are encouraged to approve their paper requisitions and get them to the Purchasing Department in the next month.

Level of authority signature required based on $ value of requisition

  • Supervisors: $0-$499
  • Administrators (Deans/Directors/Associate Vice Chancellors): $500 – $5000
  • Presidents/Vice Chancellors: $5001 or more
  • Vice Chancellor of Finance and Admininstration over $25,000 (once Board of Trustees approval is obtained and contract signed by Board President or Chancellor)

More than 150 people trained to create e-requisitions and 144 people trained to approve e-requisitions.

Please report issues to so they can be addressed.

If you want in-person assistance with experts, please stop by the Purchasing break-out session during the 2017 MCC In-Service on Oct. 17.

In-Service Break-out Session Title: Purchasing Celebrates E-Requisitions

Session Description:

Missed out on any of the ‘explosive’ e-requisition training?  Have a burning question about purchasing practices? Craving all the latest news about MCC’s most anticipated upgrade since the invention of email? Look no further. Drop everything and swing by this computer lab to have all your questions and curiosities answered at the biggest “party” of the year.  Ok, ok, more like an epic question-answering open-house to celebrate Oct. 2, when MCC implemented e-requisitions. You have a purchasing question?  We have an answer. You’re welcome.