MCC Manufacturing Consortium Receives State Recognition

MCC Manufacturing Consortium company logos

A group of twenty-nine area manufacturers will receive state recognition for their partnership with Metropolitan Community College, their agreement to provide paid-internships to machining students, and their efforts to address the serious need for trained machinists in the Kansas City region.  The Manufacturing Consortium will be honored October 31, 2013 with the MoWINs Grant Partnership Award during Missouri Community College Association’s (MCCA) convention in St. Louis, Mo.

The Manufacturing Consortium formed in 2012 in association with MCC’s new Computer-Integrated Machining and Manufacturing program (CIMM).  The CIMM program is an accelerated, 16-week program, with students attending sessions five days a week, eight hours per day.  The first ten weeks consist of classroom instruction and skills development, including hands-on training in the MCC-BT machine tool lab.  The final six weeks consist of a company-paid internship in the production facility of a Consortium partner.  Rate of pay for the internship is determined by the student’s grades in the program’s first ten weeks.  The program is largely funded through the MoManufacturingWINs grant.

No Consortium companies are obligated to hire program graduates, but those companies that take interns get first choice in offering jobs to completers.  Likewise, students who complete the CIMM program are not required to accept job offers, but those who do well are more likely to get a full-time offer.

Consortium companies work closely with MCC’s CIMM instructors and staff to ensure students develop the skills and knowledge actually required by industry.  The CIMM program coordinator visits all Consortium company sites during the six-week internship to get feedback from students and assigned company mentors.  The coordinator can make adjustments as needed to maximize the value of the internship to both students and the company.

Learn more about the CIMM program and MCC Manufacturing Consortium here:

Current MCC Kansas City Manufacturing Consortium members
•    ATK (Alliant Tech Systems)
•    Gray Manufacturing
•    Pro-Con
•    Baader-Johnson
•    Great Western Manufacturing
•    Probitas Mfg. Technologies, LLC
•    Best Tool & Manufacturing
•    Huhtamaki
•    R&D/Leverage
•    Brunson Instrument Co.
•    Kocher+Beck
•    SOR, Inc.
•    Clay & Bailey
•    Machine Laboratory Kansas City
•    Triumph Structures-KC, Inc.
•    Computech Mfg. Co. Inc.
•    May Technology & Mfg, Inc.
•    UltraSource LLC
•    Continental Tool & Manufacturing
•    Meadwestvaco-Calmar
•    Van Am Tool & Engineering, LLC
•    Creative Blow Mold Tooling
•    Microtool, Inc.
•    Vector Tool & Engineering
•    Dollins Tool, Inc.
•    Mid-America Fittings, Inc.
•    Vista Mfg. Company
•    Fike Corporation
•    Pride Manufacturing