MCC-Longview’s November Employee of the Month

There are many different reasons for accessing the Student Employment Services office at MCC-Longview, but the best reason of all may be Sherri Richardson’s smiling face. Congratulations to you, Sherri, on being chosen MCC-Longview’s November Employee of the Month!

Trisha Barb, who nominated Sherri for the honor, says, “Sherri is an exemplary employee who truly elevates each and every person she makes contact with in (and out of) our office. Her caring nature allows her to empathize with each client who comes into Student Employment Services, and it enables her to meet their needs in a compassionate and sincere way.”

Sherri Richardson, MCC-Longview November Employee of the Month

Right away, one can see that Sherri loves what she does and truly enjoys helping people who come into their office seeking employment. She says, “Our office is a hidden gem on campus. It is so fulfilling to give people the tools they need to help them on their way.”

Sherri has been a 1000-hour employee at Longview since April 2011. She lives in Lee’s Summit with her husband and daughter; dog, Penny; and cat, Libby. Sherri keeps busy with lots of family in Lee’s Summit, playing piano for her church, boating and other lake activities.

Sherri’s daughter, Amy, recently took the position of Special Projects Coordinator in the Community Education office at Longview, so they are now co-workers as well as family.

The best part of this honor for Sherri? The parking spot, of course! She also gets the honor of keeping Longview’s traveling “House that MCC Built” at her desk (see on the shelf above Sherri).

Congratulations, again, Sherri! You’re an uplifting member of the MCC-Longview team!