MCC-Longview celebrates retirees’ 465 years of service

MCC-Longview hosted a reception on Thursday to celebrate the retirement of 20 staff, faculty and administrators. The group of employees, which also included campus president Fred Grogan, boasts a combined 465 years of service to MCC.

About 150 people, including retirees, their family and friends, colleagues and past retirees, attended Thursday’s reception. The list of retirees and their years of services is as follows:

Marvin Aaron: 20 yearsSONY DSC
Stan Abrahamson: 19 years
John Church: 25 years
Karen Dexter: 28 years
Barbara Eubank: 33 years
Terrie Euston: 23 years
Connie Flick-Hruska: 28 years
Dianna Grahn: 23 years
Fred Grogan: 28 years
Sharon Hamsa: 21 years
Priscilla Jackson-Evans: 31 years
Stephen James: 13 years
Denton Lancaster: 19 years
Terri Lowry: 25 yearsSONY DSC
Pat Munn: 32 years
Elliott Schimmel: 25 years
Debra Serrano: 14 years
Judy Smith: 15 years
Ron Taylor: 32 years
Janet Wyatt: 26 years