MCC Lineman Program and the Demand for Skilled Workers Featured on KSHB

MCC’s Electric Utility Lineman program was featured on KSHB in a story about the growing shortage of skilled workers entering the electric utility career field.  Click the video image below for a link to the KSHB article and video.

Below are a few facts about the Electric Utility career field:

  • Over the next five years electric utility companies will need to hire 1,400 Lineman and Substation Technicians.  Nationally more than 35,000 are needed in the next five years.
  • More than 40% of Lineman are currently eligible for retirement.
  • Average salary for a Lineman or Substation Technician is around $33.00/hr or $70,000/yr.
  • It only takes one year to complete a Lineman certificate at MCC , which prepares graduates to be productive members of a Utility Lineman team on day one of employment.
  • Average cost for a Lineman certificate from MCC is just under $11,000.  With an estimated lifetime earning of $2.4 million over 40 years, this program offers an annual return on investment (ROI) of 14.4%.

MCC is now accepting applications for the June 2013 Lineman class.  More information can be found here –

Click the video for a link the the KSHB website.