MCC launches enhanced website calendar

We are excited to show off an enhanced MCC calendar on the website. Click to see what we are talking about!

We have been working to consolidate our events into a more user-friendly experience on the website and do a better job of showcasing all the great things happening at MCC. This is the result of ongoing collaboration between the MCC Communications, Marketing, IT and Metrosoft staffs.

But we need your help to make the new calendar even better!

Make sure we know your events are happening! And that you want them on the website calendar, available for all the public to see.

Some background: The new calendar pulls information from four places: the academic calendar, enrollment and other student success events communicated through Radius, Metrosoft submissions connected to facility requests, and direct submissions to Clare Otto ( in MCC Communications that are not covered by the first three platforms.

  • If your events are scheduled through Radius, great. We are pulling from the data that already exists — as long as the “Hide from Public” box in Radius is NOT checked. Note that enrollment events that are full (“closed”) won’t show up on the calendar, if that box is checked.
  • If your events are scheduled through a facility request in Metrosoft and you’ve clicked the “Add to Public Events Calendar” button and filled out the form appropriately, your events are covered. (Clare will get notification electronically from Metrosoft if you have done so. See detailed help for submissions below!)
  • If you emailed Clare directly, because your event cannot be covered by the other options, great, your events are covered. What Clare needs in an email are event, date, time, location, contact person (number and email) and a brief event description. She will add manually to the system.

Please do only ONE of the above to get your event listed, or we will have unnecessary duplicates.

As we move forward, we will continue to develop this calendar with modifications and the addition of athletic events. Also, note, ultimately, this merged info will also be reflected on the calendars on the individual campus pages.

A note about submitting events to the calendar through Metrosoft:

We are working to tweak the existing Metrosoft forms, but for now:

  1. When you make a room reservation and you want your event on the website, click “Add to Public Events Calendar.”
  2. Click the box “Add to MCC Public Calendar of Events”
  3. Under “News Header,” type in the name of your event. DO NOT type in your campus in the News Header. The system will automatically add the location.
  4. DO NOT fill out Subhead. That field is not currently utilized to generate content.
  5. Under “News Detail,” please include a BRIEF description of your event, date, time, location, a contact name, email and phone number and a URL if appropriate.

Sample for “News Detail” in Metrosoft:

Join us for Popcorn with the President on Monday, Sept. 1, to mingle one-on-one with Dr. Jackie Gill. We be in the Campus Center from 1 p.m.-2 p.m. The event is sponsored by Campus Life & Leadership. Contact is Shawn Smith,, 816.604.1000. for more info.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Clare if you need help or guidance.