MCC financial and adminstrative training: Launch of new e-requisition procedures

Metropolitan Community College is spending time this summer and into the fall to train employees about the College’s current financial and administrative procedures, with a special focus on the electronic requisition program, which is anticipated to launch in September. Employees are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous training opportunities.


  • How MCC’s budget works from budget preparation to transfers to purchasing
  • How the new e-requisition system will automate the purchase requisitioning process collegewide
  • How vendors are paid
  • How to look up information in the system
  • About inventory management
  • About grants management
  • About how to receive information on the IT help desk, work orders, and PC replacement policy as well as how to submit a work order for Facilities

The full training program is being held during two sessions over two days and will include the following topics (continue reading to see the  training opportunities specific to e-requisitions):

Click here to see all session schedules and to book a particular session. There are  continuing opportunities at each of the campuses.


  • Information Tech 101, Budget 101, Purchasing 101, e-requisition, e-requisition hands on


  • Facilities 101, Finance 101, Finance 102, Finance 103, Grants 101, Finance hands on


The new process will allow authorized employees to enter an online requisition in the finance system.  Submitted requisitions will route electronically to appropriate employees for approval.  Each approver will receive an email to approve applicable requisitions, and the originator will be notified via email when the requisition is fully approved.

Vice Chancellor of Financial and Administrative Services Shelley Kneuvean:  “Not only will the electronic requisitioning provide an automated approval process (no more paper pushing for purchase requisitions!), but it will allow the originator to track the virtual paperwork throughout the process (no more lost requisitions!).  We expect great benefits from this project including process transparency and time/cost savings.  Employees will see the status of their requisition and where it is on the approval path.  With the move to online, there will be a reduction in the cost of paper, employee time routing and Purchasing’s processing the paper requisitions.”

  • View e-requisitions (began July 7)
    • All employees are invited to enroll in Session One of the Financial Administrative Services Training. One of the modules is how to view e-requisitions.
  • Create an e-requisition (begins July 12)
    • Employees should enroll if create paper purchase requisitions now. Class attendance is required to learn the process and receive security.
  • Approve e-requisitions class (began July 7)
    • Employees should enroll if they received an administrator invitation in June or are the supervisor of a person that creates a purchase requisition.  Class attendance is required to learn the process and receive security.   (Administrative assistants are encouraged to attend this class to understand the process, even though they will not receive approver security.)

If you have any questions about the e-requisition training, please email

What an employee could see for a search of the requisition approval path.

As part of the strategic planning effort, a change will be implemented at the same time changing the signature authority levels required for purchase requisitions.  Under the current process, all requisitions require their applicable officer’s signature.

The signatory levels will greatly streamline this process by delegating approval authority within the organization.  This change will be effective when the electronic requisition system is implemented as follows:

Purchase Dollar Value Approval Required
$1 – $499 Originator’s supervisor (according to HR records)
$500 – $5,000 Originator’s supervisor and dean/associate dean or applicable director
$5,001 – up to $25,000 Originator’s supervisor and dean/associate dean or applicable director and unit officer
$25,000 or more Originator’s supervisor and dean/associate dean or applicable director and unit officer; and vice chancellor of financial and administrative services (these require board approval)

The purchasing policy applies to all purchases regardless of dollar value as required by board policy.  Refer to BP 4.15010.

A few reminders:

  • Signature authority for contracts with outside entities is set forth by resolution approved by the Board of Trustees in December 2016 which has different dollar values than above.  Refer to the Board resolution to determine applicable contracting authority.
  • Requisitions charged to certain budgets will route to additional approvers (not shown above) including restricted (grants) fund, foundation funds, IWI fund, Perkins program code, enhancement grant program code, and IT related purchases.